Value Introduces A New Feature For Selling Mods On Steam Workshop (Posted for GamersFTW)

Article can be found on the GamersFTW website, please note Valve has since taken the feature off steam;  

This week Value is introducing a new policy for Steam Workshop, where mod creators now have the option to set prices for their modded content on the Steam Workshop page. This new functionality is currently only available for Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim, with hopes to implement this feature for other titles on Steam in the near future.

The pricing for each mod can be set by the individual creator, as well as the option to upload a mod for free still being available. Content creators may also set up a “pay what you want” model that enables users to decide on the amount they wish to pay for each mod.

The percentage of revenue share that a content creator is entitled to recieve will be determined by the developer/publisher associated with the workshop. Mod creators selling their modded content for Skyrim will earn 25% of the revenue share from each mod. Payment may be withheld until a minimum of $100 is earned.

As this feature is considered a transaction, users who have bought a mod may be refunded within 24 hours of their purchase. However, once a refund request has been submitted, users will lose access to that item as well as other mods associated with that respective item. The refund policy may be viewed here.

Users may also play Skyrim for free until April 26th and may browse the currently available mods on Skyrim’s workshop page linked here.

More information on this policy is available on Steam’s announcement page.

(Source of the Information on Steam Workshop’s new policy was found via Arstechnica and PCGamesN)