Bloodstained – Ritual Of The Night – A New Kickstarter Project From Legendary Castlevania Director Koji Igarashi (Posted for GamersFTW)

Article can be found on the GamersFTW website released may 11th;

Koji Igarashi, known for his work as a director of the Castlevania series including the seminal ‘Castlevania; Symphony of the Night’, today announces his new Kickstarter project: Bloodstained – Ritual of the Night.

The game self–describes itself under the coined genre IGAVANIA; a portmanteau of IGA, Koji’s nickname, and vania, from Castlevania, and is a game which is “A Gothic exploration-focused action platformer designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!

After working on his last Castlevania game ‘Order of Ecclesia’ in 2008, Igarashi had begun withdrawing from the public eye, following a slow decline of output up to his last game ‘Leedmees’ in September 2011. This gave rise to speculation as to whether or not his prospects with game developer and publisher Konami, as well as his work on video games as a whole, were drawing to close.

It was then later announced that Igarashi had decided to leave Konami altogether on March 15th 2014, while mentioning an interest in creating his own game studio in passing.

After over a year of radio-silence from the developer, a teaser site ‘sword or whip‘ had surfaced at the start of this month, featuring an avatar of Igarashi resembling Dracula from the Castlevania series, making cryptic remarks and allusions to a new game.

It was only today at 11am PST that it was officially announced that Igarashi would be working on a new 2.5D action platformer, revisiting a genre he felt would still resonate with the current gaming crowd, “built on some of the classic gaming principles his works are known for”.

The game will be an exploration-focused side-scrolling platformer, which will not only include RPG elements but also crafting features, a co-op option and battle mode.

The Kickstarter itself also includes several stretch goals for backers, including a 2nd playable character, Nightmare difficulty mode and a  goal to include voice acting from David Hayter, famous for his portrayal of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Bloodstained – Ritual of the Night has currently close to 7000 backers and already reached the set $500,000 goal in just a few hours of the Kickstarter’s release.

Those interested in backing the project can visit the kickstarter page here:

Koji Igarashi is also currently running a stream on his sword or whip website, playing several 2D platformer titles, which you can visit here:

(Source of the information on Bloodstained – Ritual of the Night was found via IGN)


Value Introduces A New Feature For Selling Mods On Steam Workshop (Posted for GamersFTW)

Article can be found on the GamersFTW website, please note Valve has since taken the feature off steam;  

This week Value is introducing a new policy for Steam Workshop, where mod creators now have the option to set prices for their modded content on the Steam Workshop page. This new functionality is currently only available for Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim, with hopes to implement this feature for other titles on Steam in the near future.

The pricing for each mod can be set by the individual creator, as well as the option to upload a mod for free still being available. Content creators may also set up a “pay what you want” model that enables users to decide on the amount they wish to pay for each mod.

The percentage of revenue share that a content creator is entitled to recieve will be determined by the developer/publisher associated with the workshop. Mod creators selling their modded content for Skyrim will earn 25% of the revenue share from each mod. Payment may be withheld until a minimum of $100 is earned.

As this feature is considered a transaction, users who have bought a mod may be refunded within 24 hours of their purchase. However, once a refund request has been submitted, users will lose access to that item as well as other mods associated with that respective item. The refund policy may be viewed here.

Users may also play Skyrim for free until April 26th and may browse the currently available mods on Skyrim’s workshop page linked here.

More information on this policy is available on Steam’s announcement page.

(Source of the Information on Steam Workshop’s new policy was found via Arstechnica and PCGamesN)

Teenage dispute results in immediate medical assistance by helicopter (2011 article submitted to Journalism module)

A 14 year old girl was stabbed today near Ridgewood high school.  At 8:40am Chole West was stabbed by an assailant believed to be an 18 year old man.  The incident took place around park road west, Wollaston, on an incline leading up towards the school. A 15 year old male is believed to have been involved also, attempting to disrupt the attack. However while confronting the perpetrator, sustained an injury to his hand.

It has been confirmed that the alleged attacker has been detained for questioning, and no further injury was made to the young male teenager involved. Further measures have been taken, including police inquiry into the incident, speaking with associates, and witnesses regarding the dispute. The nearby school of Ridgewood has also been shut down for the day, while police begin their investigation .

The lacerations caused by the attack have been confirmed as critical, including a clean wound on the neck of the victim.  The dispatch for treatment was immediate, including assistance by West midlands air ambulance helicopter. The helicopters will then proceed to transport Chloe to be treated in Birmingham children’s hospital.

Cheif Inspector Mark Bramwell, has confirmed that while the investigation is still ongoing in its the early stages, the incident at hand is isolated from any matters involving the school itself, “A man  we believe is involved is currently in police custody and will be questioned accordingly”. No further announcements to Chloe west’s condition has been made at this time.


Fukushima power plant risks safety of The British Isles. (2011 article submitted to Journalism module)

Two Oxfordshire and Glasgow laboratories have confirmed that there are traces of radiated iodine 6000 miles as a result of from the recent explosions from the Nuclear power plant located in the Fukushima prefecture, after the March 11th earthquake.

Signs of problems were manifest from the outset of the natural disaster, as on   March 12th, a series of fires and explosions sequentially affected four of the six boiling water reactors.

Dr Michael Clark, spokesman of the H.P.A released a statement that the radiation is at a “very low level of radioactivity”. He continued to state that the current known areas of iodine radiation are in Chilton, Oxfordshire, and Glasgow in Scotland.  The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency claim that the radiation deposits are very weak and are not concentrated enough to be a detriment to human health.

However recent discoveries show plutonium deposits in the soil in the vicinity of the powerplant and have been met with scrutiny. The half-life of plutonium is 24,000 years and while there is no surplus of the chemical, many worry that further complications in the plant, may result in excess deposits.

Japan’s nuclear and industrial safety agency (NISA) immediately responded to this inquiry and affirmed that such deposits are not dissimilar to radiation in the atmosphere, and therefore should be deemed harmless. With the degradation of the Power plant ongoing, there are no current reports on the likely hood of any further radioactive substances to be found on British shores in the immediate future.



Students sleep deprivation now a paradigm of student life

Disruptions in sleep of Students, particularly of the university level, have been a long known paradigm of the student life style which most see as a typical characteristic of youth.

However the underlining question is why does this lifestyle have such a correlation with Students of higher education?

On average a student habitually sleep for estimates of 6.8 hours a night, which may lead to problems in concentration, alertness, and the capacity of cognitive thinking.

Speculators suggest that because teenagers choose to live away from home, this gives them opportunities to remain awake for unpractical hours because of the absence of regulatory influences from family or legal guardians.

Others also attribute this peer pressure or “living the student life style” as an exponent for reasons why students allow little time for rest.

However some students have voiced this as crass generalisations of why students are developing erratic sleep patterns. Many contend that the level of stress and expectation for success is a factor that denies many students the required amount of sleep.

A student, Anna argues that “there are many different factors that really cause me to stay up as a relief from problems or because I just can’t physically sleep. Things like family trouble, debt problems with expenditures, pressure to achieve the highest results. These problems seem to pile up and give me little time to decompress. Such problems seem to overwhelm me, therefore I fixate on what I can’t do, and try to compensate by staying up”.